The disabled thing.

Yes it’s true, I had a pretty bad accident back in 1991. I dove into the American River in California and broke my neck. I did some terrible damage to my spinal cord. As a result, I was paralyzed from the neck down. So, it’s been about 20 years of some of the craziest stuff you could imagine. I know I’m supposed to say  “AT LEAST I’M ALIVE!”  and all that stuff, but to be honest with you, I can think of better ways to spend my time.
I’ve had a couple of failed relationships, numerous surgeries, countless infections, an abundance of power this and catheter that and some pretty scary caregivers. But I learned early on that the only way that I was going to survive this was to see the humor in it all. I have always loved absurdity for absurdity’s sake. So I quickly began translating the terrible and horrific into a sublime comedy where almost every catastrophe really seemed to have at least one ridiculous element. It sounds crazy, but these things happen. The secret and the truth to my success as a disabled man? You just gotta laugh.

Author: Steve

20 years ago a diving accident left me paralyzed in a wheelchair. Outrageous experience? Yes, beyond imagining. I've learned a bit about myself and just how f'ked up Life can get. Beautiful in places, not so much in others. I choose Love and to seek out the beauty wherever it is. Maybe share some where there isn't any. No matter what, spread the Golden Rule people. Peace and blessings.