What is a quad to do?

Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m officially home alone. Not really alone, if I were alone there would be the danger of me using matches, eating too much sugar and jumping off the roof into the pool. I can’t do that because my caregiver simply will not allow it. He’s too afraid of Jayne.

Seriously, she is in New York for four days to visit my sisters and blow off a little steam before she begins her new job in about a week. So here I am. I’m hopefully going to do some writing. That is, if the weather is incredibly crappy. If the weather is incredibly crappy, I’ll probably be watching a lot of football, flying airplanes and ordering take out. I just have to remember to do some homework on this computer which includes writing.

I received some documents from my attorney regarding our foreclosure fight. More forms to fill out and return to keep this terrible march of bankers and lawyers slithering forward. I guess that is going to have to be fit in somewhere this weekend. (Along with a cheeseburger and a movie.)

Enjoy the reunion all you Barlow Eighty Fivers!

Here’s a good one, another fine mess.

I’ve already sought counsel regarding the foreclosure and preparing for any heavy duty battles. It turns out, the attorney who is representing our lender is under investigation by the Florida Atty. Gen. after my attorney and the New York Times blew the whistle on him for forging signatures and manufacturing affidavits from the banks in order to push foreclosures through the courts. These people are trying to deny homeowners their mediation rights and filing foreclosure suits without properly serving the owners to let them know what’s going on. As is the case with my wife Jayne and me.
So, I’ll keep you posted, as well as with everyone else, on how this plays out. My sister’s production company Art & Industry has decided to do a documentary about our story to shed a little light on how the bank’s solutions to helping their customers aren’t very helpful at all.