Writers write.

Well, good morning (or whenever you happen to read this.) I’m actually starting to feel a little bad for my friends up North. I spoke with my good buddy Rich a couple of days ago and he was feeling great because apparently the mid-Atlantic states were experiencing a nice spring-like warming trend. He was convinced I suppose, thinking that spring is on its way. I guess that’s not the case. From the weather reports this morning, it looks as though the North is going to have to endure a little more winter. Bummer.

Some of you know that I have actively begun my big book project. Boy, I sound pretentious talking about writing a book like this. Especially coming from a slacker who hasn’t written a lick in a decade. Well, there was the blogging contest I was in for the Stuart newspaper. That was only for about a month and a half, the entries were relatively short but it was tough coming up with clever, pithy little nuggets of observation in a rapidfire fashion. I certainly wasn’t going to write about the great rewards of being a quadriplegic for the local community and the elder snowbirds had not yet arrived to provide any good old-fashioned slapstick stuff that seems to amuse everyone who is a full-time resident here. Continue reading “Writers write.”

Let the bloggin’ begin!

Okay, ready to start once again. I’ve missed a couple of days since the last post. Monday was Valentine’s Day and I also got confirmation that our mortgage refinance has gone into effect officially. Signatures, payments, letter from our attorney’s office, everything was sent overnight and confirmed the following day. Thank you bastards at Citi Mortgage!

We had some more good luck in that Jayne had Valentine’s Day off! We had a really nice lunch sitting outside in a place in the Marina just north of us. We actually had to move our seat three times, chasing the sun around the side of the building as the shade was spreading over us. Finally we settled down, had a great lunch including a chilly slice of key lime pie. 74° and sunny and lunch with my Honey! Sounds like something Michael Scott would say. So anyway, the delay with the blog is somewhat justified given my awesome two days. Continue reading “Let the bloggin’ begin!”

Hey there.

Since I have the weekend ahead of me and they’re promising sunshine, I wanted to say hello in case I don’t post again until Sunday. I’m very pleased that our foreclosure crisis is over. I just wanted to let everyone or anyone who reads this that I have some new writing software, dictation software that I’m going to be putting to good use. The blog, as well as another writing project that I have put off, should see steady production levels from now on. 1000 words a day! That is the quota that has been handed down to me. Actually, the thousand words are for my book project, so anything that hits the blog will be gravy. I’m really looking forward to it. I have read a couple books on writing nonfiction. They were motivating very informative and fired my ignition to start taking this thing seriously.

Your patience has paid off. Thanks for that. Stay tuned.