Putting out fires, with gasoline!

I keep telling people, quadriplegia is downright hilarious. Somewhere within its rules, regs. and covenants ( which seem to be made up of snippets of Murphy’s Law, Dante’s Inferno and a little Nietzsche) is a really good, well told joke. Whatever.

As many of you know, I am trying to endure an extended stretch of bed rest because of the terrible wound on my right butt cheek. Tomorrow marks day number 40. Currently my progress has been negligible. Honestly, it’s seriously heartbreaking to think about. Today, Jayne, the nurse and I began to assemble a new plan of attack in order for me to accrue some semblance of control (mental, emotional) over this perfect shit storm. Bottom line, new doctor, new facility and a new course of treatment. Continue reading “Putting out fires, with gasoline!”