Putting out fires, with gasoline!

I keep telling people, quadriplegia is downright hilarious. Somewhere within its rules, regs. and covenants ( which seem to be made up of snippets of Murphy’s Law, Dante’s Inferno and a little Nietzsche) is a really good, well told joke. Whatever.

As many of you know, I am trying to endure an extended stretch of bed rest because of the terrible wound on my right butt cheek. Tomorrow marks day number 40. Currently my progress has been negligible. Honestly, it’s seriously heartbreaking to think about. Today, Jayne, the nurse and I began to assemble a new plan of attack in order for me to accrue some semblance of control (mental, emotional) over this perfect shit storm. Bottom line, new doctor, new facility and a new course of treatment.

The cherry on my week, was losing almost 6 GB of movies and music while setting up a nice little RAID to store my stuff. Just as I finished placing the raw hard drives into their new cozy enclosure, the raid began all right, as the machine started to format itself reading and writing willy-nilly in an effort to “consolidate” my stuff. Well I jumped ship on that one and ended up with four drives unreadable by my Mac. Next came the emergency copy of data recovery 101, whatever it was called hopefully it was going to help me get my stuff.

Well I got most of it back. Everything was neatly categorized by file types and conveniently gi given 10 digit numbers counting off into the abyss. Little 10 second bursts of Goodfellas, scattered all over four hard drives. Now if you can’t see the humor in that? Well, trust me.


Author: Steve

20 years ago a diving accident left me paralyzed in a wheelchair. Outrageous experience? Yes, beyond imagining. I've learned a bit about myself and just how f'ked up Life can get. Beautiful in places, not so much in others. I choose Love and to seek out the beauty wherever it is. Maybe share some where there isn't any. No matter what, spread the Golden Rule people. Peace and blessings.