Somber Optimism

For some strange reason I’m starting to feel rather shitty. They drew my blood last week and determined that the levels of antibiotic in my system were low. I don’t know if I feel sick because of the infection or because of the antibiotics themselves. My fear now is that they’re going to increase the dosage and I’m just going to continue to feel worse.

CAT scan of my pelvis for infection.
CAT scan of my pelvis for infection.

So far I have three weeks of drug therapy under my belt. Three more to go. If everything goes as planned, I might actually be up for Halloween. That might be overly conservative but my surgeon estimates six weeks recovery time after the procedure. We are shooting for the last two weeks of July for a possible admission date. It makes me sick, almost the entire year is going to be devoted to cleaning all the major pipes and hoses followed by some extensive bodywork that probably no one will ever see.


In the past 20 years I’ve had multiple, multiple reconstructive jobs on either the leg, my ass, I even had to have my knuckle removed from my right thumb because of skin trouble that would never be able to heal on its own. But I have never been as nervous and anxious as I am right now anticipating this upcoming horror show. There I said it. Let the record show,  I’m scared shitless on this one

Author: Steve

20 years ago a diving accident left me paralyzed in a wheelchair. Outrageous experience? Yes, beyond imagining. I've learned a bit about myself and just how f'ked up Life can get. Beautiful in places, not so much in others. I choose Love and to seek out the beauty wherever it is. Maybe share some where there isn't any. No matter what, spread the Golden Rule people. Peace and blessings.