Fresh Starts.

Wounds_20How do I begin. I’m not sure. In hindsight, since my last post (a year ago) the year was a real bummer. I had two surgeries totaling 10 hours in the operating room trying to close a wound but to no avail. Last year also saw the passing of my mother-in-law Jean. Needless to say, it was most trying for my wife Jayne who had to handle these events along with the postsurgical complications experienced by her sister Cathy, who recently had brain surgery at Johns Hopkins. Yes my friends, 2013 was definitely a year to hopefully be forgotten.

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Closer to the Start of It.

Well, in my last post, I’m sure you don’t remember, I was in the middle of six weeks of IV drug therapy for a bad infection that I had in a wound. Even though the antibiotics felt like poison in my system, I survived and I’m happy to report that I received an all clear from my infectious disease doctor. That’s right, I’m alive and doing fine. The progress made by my wound has been remarkable. Wounds_20 Continue reading “Closer to the Start of It.”

Somber Optimism

For some strange reason I’m starting to feel rather shitty. They drew my blood last week and determined that the levels of antibiotic in my system were low. I don’t know if I feel sick because of the infection or because of the antibiotics themselves. My fear now is that they’re going to increase the dosage and I’m just going to continue to feel worse. Continue reading “Somber Optimism”