Let the bloggin’ begin!

Okay, ready to start once again. I’ve missed a couple of days since the last post. Monday was Valentine’s Day and I also got confirmation that our mortgage refinance has gone into effect officially. Signatures, payments, letter from our attorney’s office, everything was sent overnight and confirmed the following day. Thank you bastards at Citi Mortgage!

We had some more good luck in that Jayne had Valentine’s Day off! We had a really nice lunch sitting outside in a place in the Marina just north of us. We actually had to move our seat three times, chasing the sun around the side of the building as the shade was spreading over us. Finally we settled down, had a great lunch including a chilly slice of key lime pie. 74° and sunny and lunch with my Honey! Sounds like something Michael Scott would say. So anyway, the delay with the blog is somewhat justified given my awesome two days. Continue reading “Let the bloggin’ begin!”

A Self-Imposed Exorcism.

So, here it is. This is the inaugural entry in what I hope to be an ongoing, therapeutic and possibly profitable exercise. Or should I say exorcise? The fact of the matter is, I’ve spent the last 2 ½ years alternating surgeries and recovery times. This got me up close and personal with my immediate physical liabilities and was certainly not an easy time to maintain a rosy outlook on things. If you sprinkle in the regular being a husband, being a homeowner type stuff, you can get downright cranky.  It’s my chance to do something not only productive but to spark my creativity and get motivated again. I went to school to be a writer, with the exception of some things immediately after my injury, I have done none. It’s a crime when I think about it. Lazy. My experiences, as you will see have presented myriad opportunities to write and share and produce something wholly me and worthy of sharing. But that has been one of the demons I have to wrestle with. Okay, enough of this. No more whining, time to re-rail this train and ramble on.

So that’s that. First entry done. Lots of good stuff to come. My life, disability, the technology and the absurdity all coming at you from a paralyzed guy who’s an adventurer at heart and still believes that there’s plenty of good left to be discovered in this world.

For now, adios amigos.