Writers write.

Well, good morning (or whenever you happen to read this.) I’m actually starting to feel a little bad for my friends up North. I spoke with my good buddy Rich a couple of days ago and he was feeling great because apparently the mid-Atlantic states were experiencing a nice spring-like warming trend. He was convinced I suppose, thinking that spring is on its way. I guess that’s not the case. From the weather reports this morning, it looks as though the North is going to have to endure a little more winter. Bummer.

Some of you know that I have actively begun my big book project. Boy, I sound pretentious talking about writing a book like this. Especially coming from a slacker who hasn’t written a lick in a decade. Well, there was the blogging contest I was in for the Stuart newspaper. That was only for about a month and a half, the entries were relatively short but it was tough coming up with clever, pithy little nuggets of observation in a rapidfire fashion. I certainly wasn’t going to write about the great rewards of being a quadriplegic for the local community and the elder snowbirds had not yet arrived to provide any good old-fashioned slapstick stuff that seems to amuse everyone who is a full-time resident here. Continue reading “Writers write.”

Hey there.

Since I have the weekend ahead of me and they’re promising sunshine, I wanted to say hello in case I don’t post again until Sunday. I’m very pleased that our foreclosure crisis is over. I just wanted to let everyone or anyone who reads this that I have some new writing software, dictation software that I’m going to be putting to good use. The blog, as well as another writing project that I have put off, should see steady production levels from now on. 1000 words a day! That is the quota that has been handed down to me. Actually, the thousand words are for my book project, so anything that hits the blog will be gravy. I’m really looking forward to it. I have read a couple books on writing nonfiction. They were motivating very informative and fired my ignition to start taking this thing seriously.

Your patience has paid off. Thanks for that. Stay tuned.


Welcome back right? It’s 2011! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that good stuff! The Worlds Laziest blog writer and amateur author has awakened once again. To my Dear Readers, (all three of you), I really can’t blame you for giving up on me. I mean, shit come on, how many times are we going to read this stuff which actually is nothing but apologies for not writing stuff? Anyway, I’m doing it again. So give me one more chance.

Why, you ask? Well, there has been a really fantastic development on the foreclosure front for Jayne and I. Just this last week, I finally received an e-mail from Citi mortgage telling me that we had been approved for loan modification! Well WTF? (I really don’t like using these abbreviations, but I did it this time for editorial effect) but it’s seriously been over a year since our application to have our loan agreement modified. In that time period, they made us re-apply three times and put us in a forbearance situation that ultimately resulted in foreclosure proceedings brought against us. The foreclosure thing mutated and had a life of its own. I’m actually a little disappointed that I won’t be part of the big statewide investigation that’s going on, into the fraudulent practices of these big legal offices here in the state. I’m pretty sure it’s destined to be a doozy. But, then again, we’ve seen plenty big shots get nothing more than a slap on the wrist and allowed to just wiggled back down into their holes.